The construction site, a daily space and spectacular

The building site of the latest new villas in Mies finally opens. And there are still houses for sale.
On this ground, the architect sought to highlight the characteristics of the site, the view of the lake and the Alps, the slope and sunshine. The distribution of the project is around the central path that goes up from the bottom of the plot to the village by a footpath. This path creates a natural boundary, a place of life, passage and meetings, a common trait between the inhabitants. The bottom of the plot is laid out around a one-way street, which allows the houses to be moved away from the tracks. The device is completed by a sound absorbing wall along the tracks which also forms a safety barrier with respect to the trains.

Two groups of four twin villas
The establishment of the villas is organized around the central path which distributes on both sides two groups of four twin villas. Houses are offset from each other to minimize adjacency, providing visual clearances and maximizing privacy.
Each house has a courtyard and a garden. The courtyard is oriented northeast with private access and two covered garage spaces. This courtyard to live is open to the kitchen and can accommodate both a kitchen garden and children's games. In summer, the natural shade of the house allows you to enjoy the coolness of the place. The garden is located in the extension of the stay and by its orientation southwest is the ideal place for long summer evenings. Its release allows creating a plant perspective that accompanies the living rooms. The size and orientation of the garden make it an ideal location for a swimming pool.

A villa on 3 levels and a half
At the heart of this natural feature, is the villa consists of 3 levels and a half basement. The ground floor has a free plan that includes an entrance with a guest toilet, a living/dining room opening onto the garden and a kitchen in connection with the courtyard. The floor consists of four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The attic is undeveloped but legally habitable, which allows developing a playroom or a master suite. The structural frame of the house allows great flexibility of layout and many variations are possible including the floor of the rooms.
The facades reflect in a contemporary style the village codes that allow a harmonious integration of the project. Several types of expression are proposed in a spirit of unity without uniformity. The set thus created will be a link between the tradition of the place and modernity.

The project is still to discover on the site.